GOLDEN ROD Adorned Log

28 October - 2 November 2011

g39 concludes its temporary residency at the Dairy with a collaborative project twinning artists groups from Wales and New Zealand.

International networking organisation 11433 have invited g39 and Wellington based collective The Russian Frost Farmers to exhibit and host simultaneous programs based upon cultural exchange and the development of ongoing collaborative relationships between the visual arts communities of Wales and New Zealand.

The palindromic title Golden Rod: Adorned Log plays upon the reciprocal exchange from twinned organisations. The mirrored construction of the two terms chances upon strikingly similar imagery. The first imagines a majestic gilded staff, the later an understated draping of nature; yet they could well be one and the same. Dialogue surrounding such cultural exchange hinge precisely on these mistaken identities, reinterpretations and alternate perspectives. Seeking to explore and articulate their respective identities by way of exchanging exhibition, ethos and personnel, the show combines works from ex-patriot New Zealanders, Welsh artists and TRFF members, all supportive of an ethos aimed toward widening the accessibility of contemporary artistic content.

Exhibiting artists include Carina Brand, TRFF, Owen Griffiths, Andy Hazel, Victor & Hester, Cam O’Connell and Shannon Reed. GOLDEN ROD Adorned Log will focus around two special events at The Dairy; the exhibition preview will be accompanied by the launch of Victor & Hester Journal 21 Talking Through Broken Teeth and pushing it all out until the only thing left is the sound of your own body by Giuseppe Mistretta.

This show was curated by
  • Mark Henley
  • ,
  • Kate Mackeson
    • TRFF <i>I Feel it Too (Viking)</i> 2011