Democracy Sandwich

21 November 2013

Every year in November, the House of Commons organises PARLIAMENT WEEK, a UK-wide programme of events and activities that (we quote) 'inspire, engage and connect people with parliamentary democracy.'
Well, here at g39, we've been having a bit of a think – with artist Rabab Ghazoul – about what that might mean. How do we relate to our current brand of democracy? What are its strengths, its limitations? Is it working and who does it serve? Beyond that, what might be the wider spaces of democracy operating in daily life – in the family, the home, work, the civic arena? The more questions we asked, the more new ones popped up. What is a right honourable gentleman (or woman), for instance? What does democracy sound like? What are the consequences of actually being heard...?

No answers to these yet. But we thought an evening to explore the topic might be fun. We've called it DEMOCRACY SANDWICH. And we've invited some interesting people to come along and explore democracy with us. We're especially excited that stand-up comedian Simon Munnery is joining us. But we're also excited (in equal measure) about the others too (see our flyer); the line-up grows apace.
DEMOCRACY SANDWICH takes place on THURSDAY 21ST NOVEMBER. We kick off at 6.30pm, and we continue ‘til late.
Tickets are £5, which includes a drink.
And YOU – individual who is eligible to exercise your right to vote if you are over 18 and should you wish it – are invited.

This show was curated by
  • Rabab Ghazoul