How can I help g39?

G39 is a not-for-profit organisation that enables the production and profiling of new, experimental work outside the constraints of commerce. This is a vital service for any contemporary artscene and particularly in Wales where, without this kind of support, many talented emerging artists and curators would struggle to gain the wider recognition they deserve. G39ís activities are enabled partly through the generosity of organisations and individuals and who give their time, skills and financial support in exchange for the knowledge that their input is helping to promote the visual arts in Wales.

For those of you that feel that g39 is a worthwhile cause to support we have also devised a number of ways that you can help us, however small your purse may be.

Friend of g39
This is anyone who donates £25 or more on an annual basis. Friends will receive advance mailings for g39 projects, invitations to previews and special events.

Best Friend
This is anyone who donates £250 or more on an annual basis. Best Friends will receive invitations to all g39 special events and previews as well as a complimentary copy of g39 publications as they are issued. Best Friends will also have the option of being listed as supporters of g39 on our publicity material.

Special Friend
Supporters who are able to make a donation of £1000 or more, whether towards a specific project or on an annual basis. Special Friends have the opportunity to display their name or company logo on all g39ís publicity material and advertisements relating to the projects that they have supported. They will receive complementary copies of g39 publications and invitations to private views and special events. They also can arrange to meet with the directors to discuss g39ís future programme and obtain an insight into artists that we might be working with, including studio visits and first viewings.

While g39 encourages a non-commercial exhibiting environment, some selected artists request that their work be available to buy while on show. In these cases g39 ensures that the artist receives the bulk of the sale price so they can support themselves through their practice while the collector has an affordable artwork. Contact or visit the gallery for details of works for sale.
From the overwhelming collective generosity of many of g39ís previous exhibiting artists who donated work to our 10-year anniversary show If You Build It They Will Come, the gallery now owns a considerable permanent collection of affordable prints and 2D original artworks. Details and prices of these are available on request and they can be viewed on appointment.