Talk // Sgwrs:
Rebecca Moss
& Mel Brimfield

12 August 2021

Rebecca Moss, Pancake, 2021. Film still. Courtesy the artist
Rebecca Moss, Pancake, 2021. Film still. Courtesy the artist

Join us for a relaxed conversation between Mel Brimfield and Rebecca Moss who has produced three new films for the SurveyII exhibition. Herd Mentality, Home Improvement and Pancake are a series of short videos which document absurdist scenarios performed to camera by the artist. These site-responsive gestures build on the artist’s use of humour and anti-monumental interventions to reflect on the world around us.

12/08/21, 18.00-20.00
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Rebecca critically examines heroic narratives through absurdist gestures. Her videos speculate upon ecological instability, humanity's relationship to the natural world, and how a feminist perspective could transform our position on the planet. She is also interested in how slapstick performance can speak to power through humour.

It’s always a pleasure to welcome back Mel Brimfield, who taught Rebecca at the RCA and is currently exhibiting From This World, to That Which Is to Come at The Tetley, Leeds. Her interdisciplinary and collaborative practice is rooted in scripted performance, incorporating live work, moving image, staged audio, installation and drawing. Operating at the intersection of theatre, live art and film, Brimfield's work aims to bring audiences for the arts together and erode historic distinctions between creative fields.

Both artists use differing formats and genres, humour and awkwardness to appraise and disrupt received cultural hierarchies. The talk will be informal and held on Zoom.

    • Rebecca Moss, Pancake, 2021. Film still. Courtesy the artist