If.... Hayley Lock

16 September - 3 October 2009

g39 is pleased to present the first instalment of If…, a new programme of exhibitions giving artists and curators the opportunity to show new work to a new audience. Throughout the season, g39’s ground floor will be utilised as a project space allowing selected artists and curators to experiment and expand on their current practices.

For the last year Hayley Lock has developed a number of works depicting characters from her imaginary world, fantastical figures who have evolved from childhood memories and dark longings. Hayley is using this opportunity to introduce her latest series of characters created through a new project using experimental sound as abstracted conversation.

Hayley’s practice is based on reproduction, reconfiguration and souvenirs. Her broad choice of media includes collage, digital manipulation, photography, drawings and 3D abodes of the imaginary with the addition of sound works created from storytelling. Using a deliberate mix of high and low-brow mediums, Hayley’s characters adorn behavioural oddments that derive from snippets of conversation, weaving narratives of history and myth throughout her works.

These works aim to reveal the imaginary residencies of certain legendary imaginary people, hierarchical subjects of monarchy and noble folk. Often suggesting a form of historical portraiture, Hayley’s works are steadily distorted in such a way that the viewer may need to re-invent what is and is not comfortable. The distorted images take on many guises and rarely remain static. The pieces are worked over and over for a prolonged period of time, allowing for constant reinvention to an often-bizarre, outlandish end.

This show was selected by
  • Michael Cousin