10 - 23 December 1998

<b>Meriel Herbert</b>, <i>Channels of Communication</i> (left), and <i>Monologue</i> (right), 1998.
Meriel Herbert, Channels of Communication (left), and Monologue (right), 1998.

For g39’s first ever solo exhibition we present new audio and video work by Meriel Herbert. The title of the exhibition, Dialogue, is of underlying importance to all of the work on show. This dialogue takes place between the human body and the machine, the mother and daughter, the male and the female, the conscious and subconscious self.

The exhibition comprises three new pieces of work:

Monologue Images of the male and female have been produced on separate pieces of paper, occupying their own separate fields.

Out of Synch A couple can be heard simultaneously but remain on their own channels.

Channels of Communication Linking the gallery as a whole, the female places her voice on the man’s body, but does not allow her body to become the site for male speech.

Collectively the works imply that we can only go so far in understanding one another; even in an intimate relationship we can never really know what it is like to be someone else; ultimately we are alone and separate.

  • <b>Meriel Herbert</b>, <i>Channels of Communication</i> (left), and <i>Monologue</i> (right), 1998.
  • <b>Meriel Herbert</b>, <i>Out of Synch</i>, audio work, 1998.
  • <b>Meriel Herbert</b>, <i>Monologue</i>,  photograph, 1998.
  • <b>Meriel Herbert</b>, <i>Monologue</i>, photograph, 1998.