Unit#1 David Shepherd

14 - 28 July 2012

Unit#1 continues throughout July with sculptural interventionist David Shepherd. David has been developing new work over a period of approximately three months, reclaiming aspects of The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp as a starting point towards a new body of interventions to g39’s internal project space.

In the Film High Plains Drifter director Clint Eastwood constructed an entire town on the shores of Mono Lake because the area was so photogenic. During the filming process part of this town seems to have been deconstructed and recycled to make tables and chairs for a welcoming party for the film's returning saviour! At the end of filming the town was razed to the ground and the area cleared. In this process of creation, re-purposing and destruction Shepherd sees a mirror of his practice. He holds a fascination for the labour of making and often the ‘work’ implicit in the processes he uses becomes his subject.

Working as much with process as presentation the space will undergo a series of changes over the coming weeks as objects come and go during the period. Like an itinerant workman David has already come and gone with tin cans, cement mixers, giant oars, ships and remote control helicopters. David’s show in Unit#1 anticipates a degree of attention throughout a period that sees the artist as caretaker, engineer or even repairman as is needed regarding the changing nature of his occupation of Unit#1.