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    g39 Commission: Intermission

    preview 18 June 2020

    g39 is pleased to be able to offer support to Wales based / Welsh artists to create new work. We want this commission to reach as wide an audience as possible. We encourage a community focussed, participatory or inclusive approach, an awareness of context and of the current situation. We acknowledge the limitations of working during lockdown and welcome new approaches to presenting work.

    We welcome all forms of work that can be publicly presented or shared safely. This could be in an online setting (eg audio, video, text, games, app design, performance, socially-engaged practice, web or desktop interventions and workshops), or in an offline / public realm setting (eg site-specific work, billboards/ paste ups, managed postal projects or distributed print works or texts).

    The proposed work should not put the artist, public or g39 at risk. Applicants should be careful that the work does not encourage groups to gather or that the work acts in any way that has the potential to increase the spread of Coronavirus.

    There is a budget of £1500 for each commission. Up to 80% (£1200) of this can be released in advance of the commission. We subscribe to the Paying Artists guidelines (g39 is a ‘Category A’ organisation in the Framework). This budget should cover your fee and your own production costs. We want to see proposals that are ambitious and creative, while ensuring a level of fair pay for the commissioned artist.

    You will be supported by the g39 team to develop your idea for presentation. This includes technical advice, professional development and promotion of your work and you as a commissioned artist. All contact between you and us will take place online, ensuring that everyone is encouraged to stay home and keep safe.

    The final projects will be developed for presentation in August-October 2020. Please indicate in your application if you have a preferred schedule (eg release dates that would be important to your proposal’s success), and any dates that we should be aware of (eg your other commitments).