Victor and Hester

Victor & Hester is an artist collective established in Glasgow in January 2010 by Amelia Bywater, Emma Fitts and Kistin Carlin, three New Zealand artists who met through the Glasgow School of Art. Starting from a shared interest in self-organised practice and a mutual aspiration to support the work of New Zealand artists and artists based in Glasgow, the project exists to explore relationships between visual art and written practices.

Victor & Hester acts as a platform for reflection and communication, with the aim to question the parameters of our visual and written culture through a series of exhibitions and self-published journals.

Victor & Hester publish Journal, a monthly publication produced in conjunction with an exhibitions programme, giving artists the opportunity to test out ideas in both the gallery space and in print format. Through inviting a diverse range of artists and writers to present their work in exhibitions and journals, Victor & Hester is establishing a wide audience, both locally and internationally.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
GOLDEN ROD Adorned Log

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