If This Is Nowhere

12 July - 13 September 2014

Work by Tom Crawford and associated programme

Part 1: 12 July - 16 August
Part 2: 23 August - 13 September

If This Is Nowhere seeks to investigate the problems, contradictions, politics and potential in contemporary urban development and regeneration. It does this particularly from the perspective of cultural communities and producers, and how their activities and interventions can affect change, both positively and negatively.

The programme is centred around the work of Tom Crawford who considers these concerns through a changing exhibition of film, installation and paintings in the Unit space. Crawford draws on political, social, architectural and historical references to explore our individual and collective positions within contemporary urban society. Escalating postmodern and neoliberal problems of class, identity, consumption and authority are presented creating a heightened sense of crisis and hysteria. Possibly a timely reflection that we may be on the verge of a revolution, but also nodding to the inevitability of history repeating itself and the cyclical nature of fashion, politics, art and social reform.

A second space, next to the g39 library, is set up as a ‘Collective Studio’ for the duration of the project. Books, texts, videos and apparatus are available to stimulate and record thoughts and debate. G39, like many artist run spaces, has been affected by the city’s development. With this local context in mind, visitors are invited to explore imagined futures for the city of Cardiff and beyond and contribute to an ongoing conversation.

Events / discussions / group reading and research sessions will be instigated during the programme – informed by the outcomes of the collective studio practice.

Part 2 Preview
Friday 22nd August, 6-9pm

Come and join us to celebrate the opening of the second phase of ‘If This Is Nowhere’. The evening will be a chance to view a new video installation by Tom Crawford and informally contribute to the continuing discussions and practice of the Collective Studio.

This show will replace the current exhibition of Crawford’s work in the Unit space. The flexible programming and experimental nature of g39’s Unit space has afforded both artist and curator freedom to develop ideas, questions and works within a loose framework of common interests and themes. It is intended this open approach can continue throughout the remainder of the exhibition, informing further events and activities.

The preview of Part 2 will be preceded by a reading group in the Collective Studio at 4pm – participants will be invited to read from a selection of texts, coming together afterwards to discuss, compare and debate their themes and arguments. If you would like to take part please email nia_metcalfe@yahoo.co.uk.

This show was curated by
  • Nia Metcalfe