Talk // Sgwrs: Katrina Palmer

28 May 2021

Katrina Palmer, <i>End Matter</i> 2015. Image: Brendan Buesnel
Katrina Palmer, End Matter 2015. Image: Brendan Buesnel

We are really pleased to host Katrina Palmer for a talk this Summer. Friday 28th May 2021, between 6-8pm

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Katrina Palmer is Associate Professor of Fine Art at the Ruskin, and co-course leader of the MFA Programme; she is a Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall.

Palmer works with storytelling, distributing fragmented elements of narrative across found sites, audio environments, printed matter and performance. The site of writing and the process of attempting to materialise, edit and reformulate ideas is often articulated through the work. Attentive to uncertainties, bodily vulnerabilities and insecure environments, these situated narratives invite the audience to consider objects that are indicated, but not fully present.

Exhibitions include The Coffin Jump, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, The Time-Travelling Circus: the revised dossier concerning Pablo Fanque and the Electrolier, The Necropolitan Line (solo: Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, 2015) and ‘Absalon’s Cells’ in The Object (Documents of Contemporary Art series, Whitechapel Gallery/MIT, 2014). She received the Paul Hamlyn Award for Artists, 2014.

Find out more about Katrina here.>>

    • Katrina Palmer, <i>End Matter</i> 2015. Image: Brendan Buesnel