If.... Lesley Guy

3 - 20 February 2010

<i>Orangutan (The Invisible Man)</i> 2009
Orangutan (The Invisible Man) 2009

If.... is a series of independent projects that g39 has selected as part of its 2009-10 exhibition programme. The next instalment invites artist and writer Lesley Guy to utilise the ground floor gallery as a project space. Having completed a new project entitled Baby Animals consisting of a series of 24 drawings, Lesley explores tensions between structure and creativity.

This body of work was born from an attempt to produce her art in a more experimental and intuitive way than previously, the way she had worked as a child before becoming an ‘artist’. For Lesley, the colouring-in book seemed like a good place to start, the initial decision of what to draw is removed, the activity of ‘filling in’ then follows. Having previously experimented with automatic drawing, Lesley has aimed to focus on and enjoy the act of making and soon found her self planning and manipulating the imagery in order to satisfy aesthetic desires.

Throughout this body of drawings, bizarre narratives began to unfold which are elaborated by titles from ghost and horror stories. The drawings reflect a struggle between contingency and control as well as a reinterpretation of the familiar and personal, which has, at times an un-homely effect.

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  • Michael Cousin
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    • <i>Orangutan (The Invisible Man)</i> 2009
    • <i>Koala</i>
    • <i>Storks (Rosemary`s Baby)</i>