Talk//Sgwrs: Jay Bedwani

28 October 2022

Jay Bedwani, Stretch, 2018
Jay Bedwani, Stretch, 2018

Jay Bedwani
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Join us for a relaxed chat and drinks with Jay Bedwani, about his work and processes. Jay is a self-shooting Welsh filmmaker based in Cardiff and working in Britain and California, specialising in character-led documentaries. His short films have played in over 50 international film festivals, and his feature doc DONNA premiered in San Francisco in June 2022, before being released by Bohemia media.

His short film MY MOTHER was awarded Best U.K. Short at Europe's largest LGBTQ+ film festival, The Iris Prize. His 2018 film OVERSHARE premiered in the O2 Arena in London, before completing a sold out theatre run. His last short, STRETCH, is currently available on short-of-the-week.

    • Jay Bedwani, Stretch, 2018