Here, at the edge, today.

27 January - 23 March 2024

Zara Mader, Gail Howard, Adele Vye, Sadia Pineda Hameed & Beau W Beakhouse & Phoebe Davies.

Adele Vye, I leave you with this, commissioned by The Book Project
Adele Vye, I leave you with this, commissioned by The Book Project

As the g39 Fellowship comes to an end - for now - we are excited to work with Cohort 4 for a final exhibition. Zara Mader, Gail Howard, Adele Vye, Sadia Pineda Hameed & Beau W Beakhouse and Phoebe Davies.

In all of their works there is a resistance, a push back. Sometimes they talk of the physical sensation of being at the edge of change - a sinkhole, sleep, reality, cracks in pavements where life pushes through. Future things that pull the past along.

Zara Mader has been looking at the disruption and resistance of crossing stereotypes. Her ongoing brown punk series, with a focus on Poly Styrene, has profiled an underground scene, an underrepresented scene. Combined with Zine culture, a playlist, fliers and street photography where the edges and corners of urban existence flourish.

In her new moving image work, Passage, Passenger, Power, Psyche, Adele Vye gathers lived experiences from home, hospital and the natural world. She contemplates a succession of sink holes which have opened up around her home in the Lower Swansea Valley. In parallel she looks at her children’s play on the trampoline in their garden, metres from the crumbling ground. Through the lens of chronic illness, the body and the land, motherhood, longing and nostalgia are explored. The work is made in consultation, collaboration and with enthusiastic permission from her children, Elliott and Rowan.

Sadia Pineda Hameed and Beau W Beakhouse have designed a multi-media installation, A Medium for All the Moments Outside of Time. Set in a future in which technology exists for collective leisure experiences in ‘communing halls’, the work follows two characters on an interrelated journey. Developing their research into conversation pits and radical architecture as well as a reimagining of the Fillipino game, Sungka. Their installations imagine autonomous and alternate futures; and to consider the relations between colonialism, labour and science fiction.

Phoebe Davies' practice is often shaped by long-term fieldwork, she works with, and in response to, contexts and locations, generating work through performance to camera, freewriting and field recording. Her work uses bodies and voices to explore the subtleties and tensions at the edges of visceral human experiences and personal politics. For this new moving image work Davies is turning the lens on herself to interrogate the perils of pregnancy, bodily trauma, lived experience and mythologies.

Gail Howard’s work takes the form of a printed dialogue that swings between the mundane and domestic to profound existential questions. Printed on a weightless fabric, they hang the full length of the space and drift in and out of the exhibition. The work has a sort of circularity, a call and response in its search for reassurance and restless shifting of subject – always at the edge of change.

Here, at the edge, today is the tension between the way things are, the way things have
been and the ways in which they can change.


The show at g39 is in parallel with a show curated by The Freelands Foundation called Betwixt, 17/02/24 - 23/02/24, at their Chalk Farm gallery space as well as across several different sites including Mimosa House Gallery and a Crypt. Curated by Wingshan Smith and accompanied by a publication it marks the end of the programme.

    • Adele Vye, I leave you with this, commissioned by The Book Project