Noson Calan Gaeaf
w/ Aled Simons and friends

0 January 0000


A live streamed web-zine of Lo-fi video works, hi-fi video works, found footage, lost footage, animated gifs, standing stones, tarot and records.

Noson Calan Gaeaf, Samhain, Allantide, All Hallow’s Eve and Halloween from the perspective of amateurish pseudoscience, backyard witchcraft, or a druid doing their big shop at Aldi.

Past, present and future all at once. Performative whims, misinterpreted ritual, an impulse that becomes compulsion - all filtered through a childhood dressing-up box.

Imagine exhuming the body of Houdini - the hamster you buried in 1989, or a Séance at Blockbuster Video in Aberdare.