Aled Simons

b. 1982, Caerphilly
Lives and works in Swansea, Wales

The core of Aled’s practice explores pseudo-scientific themes and rituals in order to challenge and change people’s perceptions. Early 1990s television, “working men’s club” humour, and his family’s dressing up box influence his research process.

“A predominant theme of my work is the idea that minute changes in perception have the potential to alter reality or conjure a new one… I’m interested in re-imaginings, re-construction and re-discovery as a form of creation. How skewed facts or misremembered information may be passed on and evolve. Often my approach is an attempt to present forgotten or lost ideas to an imagined and distant future.”

Aled received a BA in Fine Art at Swansea Metropolitan University. Since then, he has had a solo exhibition, The Shipwreck, at Mission Gallery, Swansea (2012) and won Welsh Artist of the Year in 2011. Recent work includes: Rat Trap (2018), North Wales Contemporary, Caernarfon (2018) and was selected for the Nova Biennial Arts Prize, (2018).

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
There Will Be Words
UNITe 2018
RAT TRAP x g39
Intermission 2020
Noson Calan Gaeaf
w/ Aled Simons and friends

g39 Fellowship THREE

Links :
  • Aled Simons, <i>stairwell ghost</i>, 2015
  • Aled Simons, <i>MINI GOLF CRAZY MAZE</i>, 2018
  • Aled Simons, <i>Joke Shop Vomit</i>, 2018
  • Aled Simons, <i>Johnny Toppins</i>, 2015