The 2020 Film London Jarman Award

preview 14 October 2020

`In Vitro`, two-channel film, 28’, Larissa Sansour and Søren Lind, 2019
`In Vitro`, two-channel film, 28’, Larissa Sansour and Søren Lind, 2019

This year’s Film London Jarman Award tour will see the best in contemporary artists’ filmmaking taken on a virtual tour to venues across the UK from 24 September – 15 November 2020.

Featuring work from the artists shortlisted for the 2020 Film London Jarman Award, the tour will offer art and film lovers the chance to explore a diverse and exciting range of work, from Larissa Sansour’s 2-channel black and white sci-fi film to Jenn Nkiru’s exploration of the black history of techno music.

Discover the incredible diversity of approaches in artists’ filmmaking in the UK, with a presentation of the work of the shortlist of this year’s Film London Jarman Award, which comes with £10,000 prize money. In this special online screening for 2020, the six artists present innovative, imaginative and immersive films that each address important topics faced by contemporary society.

The artists shortlisted this year are: Michelle Williams Gamaker, Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings, Jenn Nkiru, Project Art Works, Larissa Sansour and Andrea Luka Zimmerman. There will be a Q and A with one of the shortlisted artists also available online as part of the presentation.

Inspired by visionary British filmmaker Derek Jarman, the Award recognises and supports artists working with the moving image. The shortlisted artists illustrate the spirit of inventiveness within moving image, highlighting the breadth of creativity and craftsmanship the medium has to offer, as well as its powerful ability to engage and provoke audiences.

The winner of the Film London Jarman Award will be announced on the 24 November. The award is presented in partnership with the Whitechapel Gallery, with support from Genesis Cinema.
The tour runs from 24 September to 27 November and will exist in online partnerships with seven venues across the UK, with a special online version of the Award ceremony.


Touring Programme 2020 includes:
Michelle Williams Gamaker, House of Women (2017) 14’17”
Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings, In my Room (2020) 17’44”
Project Art Works, Illuminating the Wilderness (2019), 38’
Jenn Nkiru, BLACK TO TECHNO (2019) 20’
Larissa Sansour, In Vitro (2019) 28’
Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Civil Rites (2017) 28’

About the 2020 shortlisted artists

Michelle Williams Gamaker works with moving image, performance and installation. Her practice is often in dialogue with film history, particularly Hollywood and British studio films. By restaging scenes to reveal their politically problematic, imperialist roots; her work is a form of 'fictional activism' to recast characters originally played by white actors with people of colour. She combines scriptwriting, workshopping with actors, revisiting analogue VFX and producing props to create intricately staged films.

Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings are an artist duo working in film, drawing, installation and performance. Their work examines the behaviours, history, politics and artefacts of LQBTQ culture in the western context, exploring how this culture is reflective of broader societal structures. Their collaborative practice uses film as part documentary and research, and part cinematic experience with an expert use of sound, colour, and camerawork.

Project Art Works’ collaborations, projects, events and studio actions challenge societal definitions of care, creative intent, value, communication and identity. Their programmes evolve through studio practice and radiate out to the cultural and care sectors. Work is made visible through projects, collaborations, exhibitions, co-commissions, films, publications and digital platforms, increasing neurodiverse representation in programming, and deepening understanding and visibility.

Personalised and holistic studio environments are recreated wherever a project takes place. The studio is a place of level hierarchy where events and happenings unfold revealing the lived experience and qualities of all those involved. Artists and makers work together in purposeful collaboration using total communication that utilises gesture, sound, signing and empathy and as such is an expansive rather reductive form of connection.

Jenn Nkiru is an artist and filmmaker. Pushed through an Afro-surrealist lens, her practice is grounded in the history of Black music and the aesthetics of experimental film and international art cinema. Her work draws on the Black arts movement and the rich and variegated tradition of cinemas of the Black diaspora and their distinct experimentation with the politics of form. Her work blends elements of history, identity, politics, music, documentary and dance.

Larissa Sansour works mainly with film, and also produces installations, photos and sculptures. Central to her work is the dialectics between myth and historical narrative. Born in East Jerusalem, Palestine, her recent work use science fiction to address social and political issues.

Andrea Luka Zimmerman is an artist, filmmaker and cultural activist whose engaged practice focuses on marginalised individuals, communities and experience. It employs imaginative hybridity and narrative re-framing, alongside reverie and informed waywardness. Creative approaches include long-term observation, intervention, re-enactment and the use of found / archive materials, grounded in an honouring of lived realities. Alert to sources of radical hope, this work prioritises an enduring and equitable co-existence.

    • Jenn Nkiru Still of `BLACK TO TECHNO` 2019 ©JENN NKIRU
    • Michelle Williams Gamaker `House of Women`, 2017
    • Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings Still from `In my Room` (2020), HD Video, 1744
    • Andrea Luka Zimmerman `Civil Rites` (2017), film still
    • `In Vitro`, two-channel film, 28’, Larissa Sansour and Søren Lind, 2019
    • Jarman Award 2020