UNIT(e) 2014

15 January - 15 March 2014

Holly Ford
Holly Ford

For our first season of 2014 we hosted artists and curators who undertook nine separate projects during the season. They inhabited new modular UNIT workspaces for a period of production, experimentation and artist-led events. The UNIT(e) season resembles an art school, encouraging peer-to-peer critique and dialogue between artists. These dialogues also extended to the concurrent Library Residency project and Talks Series.

G39 is open to the public every Saturday during the UNIT(e) season.

#1 - Shaun James is using tools and materials to develop work, then inviting guests to manipulate and change it, charting its evolution.

#2 - Holly Genevieve is developing a video installation entitled Barbershop Quartet, filming in the eight barber shops local to g39.

#3 - Harrison Banfield and Jack Rees are working with found footage from internet and social network sources, resulting in a multi-screen audiovisual installation. They share a UNIT with Paul R Jones and Guy Mayman working as Datamosh, sifting through the collections of analogue sources, 35mm slides, video and audio cassettes to the same ends.

#4 - Holly Ford is working sculpturally with child-like play to help us discover how objects work.

#5 - David Sopwith is producing sculpture based around human interaction and movement. He is followed by Jack Burton and Rafal Zajko’s Esperanto Café, a series of events exploring how different countries and places affect creative output.

#6 - Mark Houghton and Kelly Best are exploring the dynamics of a newly formed collaboration through production in a shared UNIT space.

#7 - Bob Gelsthorpe is following his Warp internship with a creative look at the role studios play in the production of work, and the state of studio provision.

  • Shaun James
  • David Sopwith
  • Bob Gelsthorpe
  • Holly Ford
  • DATAMOSH - techs
  • UNIT(e) artist meal
  • David Sopwith
  • Kelly Best and Mark Houghton
  • Life Agency