Shaun James

b. 1988, Wales
Lives and works in Cardiff

Shaun James works with exploiting potential energies: like the tension of a rubber band or the inevitable drop of an arm under weight. This provides a starting point for his work, which currently finds itself between sculptural form and practical tool.
Shaun plays with new processes as a means to both understand and expand them; leading him forward, creating tangents that evolve beyond their original motivation shedding and absorbing material as the process unfolds. The work he makes has no singular direction. Instead he attempts to engage inductively with variables - playing, accumulating and allowing a process to activate, dictate or guide an outcome. The outcomes suggest new directions and potential futures continuing the notion that the simplest act upon an object or idea can have a resonating effect.
Shaun studied BA Fine Art at UWIC followed by a MA Fine Art at Cardiff Metropolitan University. He has exhibited nationally and internationally.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
UNIT(e) 2014

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