Shaun James

b. 1988, Wales
Lives and works in Cardiff

Shaun James' practice has its roots in printmaking (specifically screen-printing), but as his work has developed over time he has incorporated video making, sculpture, performance, and collaborative approaches. One of the key elements is his relationship with the studio and the objects within it. For Shaun, the studio acts like a sieve that filters the wider world. Within it he can engage with the materials that he has accumulated to reveal their untapped potential.

I am interested in the idea of being led in my making by the material at hand and by chance circumstances that arise in the process of making. Exploiting potential energies, like the tension of a rubber band or the inevitable drop of an arm under weight provides departure points for my work. I play with new processes as a means to both understand and expand them; leading me forward, creating tangents that evolve beyond their original motivation – shedding and absorbing material as the process unfolds.

In 2018 he worked with a group of artists on a project that looked at the process of collaboration between the ‘Artist’ and the ‘Technician’. Back in 2013, he began a series of works collectively called Apparatus that continues to influence his practice. He studied a BA and MA at Cardiff Met between 2007 and 2012 and he also operates a printing practice for artists under the banner Things In The Studio.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
UNIT(e) 2014
tibrO yalP

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