Building Up Not Tearing Down

11 - 19 December 2009

An off-site project at Tactile Bosch, Cardiff

Curated and organised by by Neil Jeffreys and WARP

As part of December eleven – a day of art events, screenings, visits and socialising across the city – six artists from Birmingham, Bristol and Cardiff were invited to apply various interventions to the TactileBOSCH studio space following a four-day residency.

As an exhibition space tactileBOSCH is predominantly known for performance and installation, work that by its very nature often leaves small remnants once the performance has concluded or the installation deconstructed. Many of these small reminders such as stray splashes of paint, dents in the walls and floors, hooks and pulleys in the ceiling often remain untouched during the post-exhibition clean up due to the vastness of the gallery and thus become more permanent then the original artwork. The six artists have continued in this process of augmentation and supplementation of the venue through creating a selection of delicate and unobtrusive works throughout the gallery, many of which could remain well into the future.

The artworks of Building up-Not Tearing Down do not hold an overt presence in the space nor are they pointed out through a map or set of plaques but instead the audience must search the vast space for each artist’s multiple contributions.

This show was curated by
  • Neil Jefferies