Sarah Farmer

Lives and works in Birmingham

Sarah Farmer works primarily with audio, exploring the physical particularities of ambient sound.

Rejecting the aesthetic distinction drawn between created ‘music’ over accidental ‘noise’, Farmer has created installations such as ‘Round’, in which a flat, sanded and polished vinyl record was played on a turntable, allowing a rhythmic, looping sound piece to develop as the needle marked its own grooves. A tendency for investigation coupled with a sense of impermanence is central to Farmer’s work, as exemplified by her durational piece ‘Singing at the building’, produced for tactileBOSCH’s ‘Building Up-Not Tearing Down’ exhibition, in which the artist attempted to find the resonant frequency of the exhibition venue by singing at one of its walls.

Farmer is a member of The Lombard Method, an independent studio and project space led by 8 Birmingham-based artists. She has exhibited in solo and group shows in Birmingham, Bristol and Cardiff.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
Building Up Not Tearing Down

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