Pascal-Michel Dubois

b. 1961, Voiron, France
Lives and works in Treharris, Wales

Pascal-Michel Dubois has used a large variety of mediums over the years, ranging from small drawings to large installations and live performances.

His practice can be seen as a device to invite the spectator to question and investigate our familiar fields of knowledge and imagination. The material of the everyday initiates his curiosity. Dubois is interested in the capacity that art owns to take you from that space in that moment, to another space. He regards his work as an idle observation of life like a doodle, therefore, it is always in the making, constantly re-interpreting the fabric of reality. More recently, simple replicas or re-modelled versions of existing objects, such as maps, texts, diagrams and charts, photos, manufactured objects of all kind have been utilised to create incisive and ludic moments. Humour is frequently diffused in the work to elicit a feeling of complicity between the spectator and the piece, often found within the titles of the work. However, Pascalís art practice is not about playing with words but more about trying to document the art/life inherent correlation.

Recent group exhibitions include Not On White Paper at Malt Cross Gallery, Nottingham and Imaginary Environment, BayArt Gallery, Cardiff, Wales, UK, both in 2008. He was awarded Artist-in-Residence Award, Mentoring Project for Wales at the Venice Biennale in 2007.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
Show One Of Each: Pascal-Michel Dubois
The Last Days of The Empire
Lost in Transit
  • <iMeteor Study</i>