Joanne Masding

b. 1985, Birmingham
Lives and works in Birmingham

Joanne Masding’s practice investigates the time spent shaping the spaces we live in and of our need to mark existence through ownership; a desire for material possession that generates both security and anxiety.

Arranging objects to form temporary situations that highlight the parameters of spaces we inhabit, Joanne’s process of making is often quick and requires few actions, involving no permanent fixings, just gravity and inherent material quality. It bears all in its form yet can appear as concealing something or tricking the viewer.

The work goes through the most direct means possible to reach its conclusion, reiterating ideas of efficiency and anxiety regarding the superfluous and involves as few outside processes as possible. The irony of this is that masses of objects are collected and hoarded to form the stockpile from which some work is created, although many items never get used. It is instead that the objects acquire new histories through being present in the work and through these moments being witnessed.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
Building Up Not Tearing Down

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