Beau W Beakhouse

Intersection and Convergence Residency, 2019
Intersection and Convergence Residency, 2019

Beau W Beakhouse is an artist, filmmaker and independent curator based in Cardiff. He also runs curatorial, radio and print project LUMIN. His artistic practice works across film, text, woodcraft, sound and installation, and frequently returns to language, postcolonial theory, alternative pedagogies, non-institutional spaces, and techniques of dreaming and speculative fiction. He is drawn to relation, intersection and convergence, and his practice is concerned with creating alternative pedagogies, spaces of dialogue and collective methods of working.

Recent work includes a residency with Made in Roath, an installation of woodcraft and sculpture, new film works, print and research around the intersections of, and solidarity between, ecological and postcolonial work. The installation also involved a series of invited conversations with artists, socially engaged practitioners, architects and friends, and the in situ printing of Beauís research reader for people who visited the space.

He has worked with Peak Cymru, MOSTYN, Gentle/Radical, Literature Wales, Where Iím Coming From, SHIFT, g39, Wales Millenium Centre and others. He has upcoming residencies with Catalyst Arts, Tangent Projects and a forthcoming solo exhibition with Arcade/Campfa. Beau also writes essays for various publications, most recently considering collective, co-created models of pedagogy for Literature Wales.

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