Amber Mottram

Lives and works in Wales

Amber Mottram, <i> Brio</i>, 2019
Amber Mottram, Brio, 2019

Amber uses the domestic space / the family space as both a material and situation to transform using simple aesthetic forms. Using film and photography Amber documents the developing relationship between her home building and art making.

I am interested in describing the potency of creation that happens in the mind in non-art spaces and through periods of confinement. I work with objects that visually stir something in me within my domestic sphere; children toys, clothes pegs, colanders and washing baskets. Reassembling them and using repetition to abstract them and free them aesthetically from their original function. To present these objects anew as art works means re-evaluating their function and their formal properties. I am also interested in the gaze of non-animate objects, particularly my house and wish to explore how our lives are viewed from these overlooked perspectives. Working with collages, installations and film my work to describes the duality of existing in the mundane and the ability to transcend it though art.
Amber graduated in 2011, and has since exhibited in Cardiff, Aberdeen, London, and Bristol. Since 2013 working with fellow artist Ellie Young, they have run The Boat Studio, an innovative artist residency programme on a canal boat.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
UNITe 2019

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