Paula Morison

b. 1985, Swindon
Lives and works in London

Paula Morison, <i>Wildfire (01.05.14 - 20.03.18)</i>, 2018
Paula Morison, Wildfire (01.05.14 - 20.03.18), 2018

Paula Morison’s work uses archives, data, and records as a starting point for conceptual works. Paula re-contextualises information, and uses the language of systems to find humour, absurdity, and poetry in data and our attempts to find order.

‘Measuring, recording, naming and categorising are all ways which we try to create this order. We save things and preserve them for posterity. We archive things for the future. We believe in religions that promise us eternal life or reincarnation. We search for answers through stories and through science. In my research I often start with the personal. I examine how I interact with the systems around me and bring this personal experience into dialogue with wider conversations about the human-mediated world.’

Paula studied in Cardiff from 2005-2008 and will graduate from the MFA at Slade in 2019. In 2018 Morison was selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries. The same year she was also the recipient of the Red Mansion Art Prize which enabled her to develop new work around language, for exhibition at the Royal Academy in May 2019.

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  • Paula Morison, <i>Wildfire (01.05.14 - 20.03.18)</i>, 2018
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  • Paula Morison, <i>Wildfire (01.05.14 - 20.03.18)</i>, 2018