Paul Eastwood

b. 1985, Wrexham, Wales
Lives and works in London, England and Wrexham, Wales

Paul Eastwood, <i>Dyfodiaith</i>, still 2019
Paul Eastwood, Dyfodiaith, still 2019

Paul Eastwood is a Wrexham-based artist with a practice that explores art as a form of social production and cultural storytelling. He creates narrated histories and futures to investigate how place and objects can communicate cultural identities.

'I view and frame Art as a social production and cultural storytelling. I strategically deploy objects via sculptural installations and stand alone video to make new narratives. Working across text, sculpture, performance, video, drawing, printmaking and textiles, I write to guide my narrative and object making. These texts are often rhythmical hyperrealist observations of the world I attempt to narrate, hinting at a future that has already taken place. Employing the use of titles in order to create micro narratives for my sculptural assemblages to operate within. My primary concern is how objects and people occupy architectural space and the built environment, and how objects have the potential to communicate cultural identity.'

Eastwood studied at the Royal Academy and Wimbledon School of art and was the winner of the inaugural NOVA Art Prize, Wales in 2018. Recent exhibitions include: Dyfodiaith, solo project, Chapter, Cardiff; NOVA, Royal Cambrian Academy, Conwy, Aberystwyth Arts Centre and Arcade, Cardiff, 2018; Segrgrair, Oriel Wrecsam, Litmus Residency and Exhibition, Oriel Davies, Newtown; Unit(e) Summer school, g39, Cardiff, all 2017; Editions commission, Paul Eastwood and Lucy Woodhouse, Focal Point Gallery; Feast of Fools, TAP, Southend, both 2016, and Severed, returning your love, Focal Point Gallery, 2015.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:

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  • Paul Eastwood, Tyst o atgof, video still, HD Video, 2017
  • Paul Eastwood, Tuag at Segrgrair, Neon, Cable, 2017. Image by Dewi T Lloyd
  • Paul Eastwood, <i>Dyfodiaith</i>, still 2019
  • Paul Eastwood, <i>Dyfodiaith</i>, still 2019
  • Paul Eastwood, <i>Severed, `returing your love`</i>, a play, 2015
  • Paul Eastwood, <i>Dyfodiaith</i>, still 2019