David Shepherd

b. 1944, Wigan, UK
Lives and works in Cardiff

<b>David Shepherd</b>, <i>DRIFTER</i>, 2003
David Shepherd, DRIFTER, 2003

David Shepherd regards himself as a sculptor in the classic mould, reacting and responding to visual stimuli by producing a three-dimensional work that evolves to the point of collapse. He holds a fascination for the labour of making and often the 'work' implicit in the processes he uses becomes his subject. Often, the purposeful, rigorous and ordered way he sets about the tasks at hand seem to suggest he is working toward an end point, though over time it becomes clear that this endpoint is changing and mutable.

In the film High Plains Drifter director Clint Eastwood constructed an entire town on the shores of Mono Lake because the area was so photogenic. During the filming process part of this town was deconstructed and reconfigured as a table from which to eat. At the end of filming the town was razed to the ground and the area cleared. In this process of creation, re-purposing and destruction Shepherd sees a mirror of his practice.

David Shepherd graduated from Wigan School of Art in 1965 and has since exhibited and produced location work extensively throughout the UK and overseas. Having taught and lectured widely throughout the UK, David is a former Senior Lecturer at Cardiff School of Art & Design (UWIC).

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp
Unit#1 David Shepherd

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