Ivor Davies

From <i>Stad yr Ystad – State of the Estate</i> 2009
From Stad yr Ystad – State of the Estate 2009

Throughout a substantial and diverse practice, Ivor Davies often presents a synthesis of ancient Celtic and modern Welsh issues, often expressing a struggle for and with national identity.

Davies' efforts are the result of not trying or trying not to develop a style which can be recognised immediately. Each work or series is intended to be a new effort / concept / idea in some special medium. Generally Ivor does not do 'recent work' but leave something for a long period before 'finishing' it - days, months or years later. Different ideas of reality; political and cultural issues in Wales and the wide world; intensity of colour and pigment causes Ivor to work on 50 things at a time.

Spanning a long career, recent solo exhibitions include Bishop Philpotts Gallery, Truro, Bruton Gallery, Leeds and Royal Cambrian Academy, Touring to National Musuem of Wales Turner House, Penarth. He is also a member of Welsh arts movement Beca, initiated in the 1970s.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
  • <i>Caethiant</i> 2000
  • From <i>Stad yr Ystad – State of the Estate</i> 2009
  • From <i>Stad yr Ystad – State of the Estate</i> 2009