Will Woon

b. 1983, Bristol
Lives and works in Melksham, Wiltshire

At a cursory level, Will Woon’s practice may seem rooted rather soberly in the traditional, referencing Classical sculpture and notable historical figures. While this is true, it doesn’t take long for an inquisitive viewer to spot another level where his idiosyncrasies and obscure nuttiness are at play.

Will’s practice is peopled by miniature models, like architectural maquettes or proposals for future sculptures. Often characters (where they are identifiable) are seeking or addressing an audience, they involve podiums, lecterns or speeches or he presents buildings that are fragile and at points of precariousness or collapse. This miniature world has more in common with animated characters than the conventional modelmakers Hornby suburbs. Wills work is very much rooted in a gallery tradition with references to antiquities of classical statues, but the gallery becomes both the setting expanded world over which he presides.

Will graduated in 2007 with a BA in Fine Art (Sculpture) from University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. He immediately went on to establish the Koda studio group in Cardiff and the group show ‘3/3/3’ at the Old Library, Cardiff. His work was recently selected for Welsh National Eisteddfod (2008) and Welsh Artist of the Year (2008). Will is currently working as an understudy to artist Mark Halliday, and has run several workshops.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
The Last Days of The Empire
  • <i>Idiot (Welsh Artist)</i> 2008