Sadia Pineda Hameed and Beau W Beakhouse

<i>Reclaim the Waterway,</i> Moving Image, 2020
Reclaim the Waterway, Moving Image, 2020

Sadia Pineda Hameed and Beau W Beakhouse have been making work as a collaborative duo over the last four years. They engage with themes of collective ownership, alternate histories, archives, deinstitutionalisation, community, pedagogy and more. In particular they continuously engage with text, deconstructing, undoing and disassembling relationships between language and colonialism.

Currently, as a part of their online residency with Catalyst Arts, they are exploring the creation of transient digital archives; unfolding processes of decay, interconnection and disassembly as alternatives to western models of preservation. As with their other work regarding archives they look to revivification, against the static categories of institutional models.

Their forthcoming exhibition with Arcade/Campfa, it resonates like spalting wood, unites elements of their shared practice (film, text-art and woodcraft), exploring how to regain modes of non-western interpersonal communication. Thinking about colonial history, as well as play and friendship, they ask, can you create an object to speak through in a new, tactile language?

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The artist was in the following exhibition:
Jerwood UNITe 2021 Open Studios
  • <i>Reclaim the Waterway,</i> Moving Image, 2020
  • <i>Inbetween</i> Moving Image, 2020