b. 1997
Lives and works in Carmarthen

Lost in Green
Lost in Green

GWENBA is a multidisciplinary, new-media artist. Her work explores the relationship between organic and virtual spaces. Her work explores the relationship between organic and virtual spaces through performance, sound, video and text experiments. It often takes the form of digital growths or experiments with the earth’s core matter.

She is interested in exploring communication and connections, mimicking the forms of Nature to deliver a complex and layered narrative rich in dark humour. This is laid over a phantasmagoria of homespun alien-like forms. 3D sculpture and data manipulation are a central part of her myth-making. Her work is the resulting palimpsest where newly original and ancient narratives are woven together.

“I’ve been interested in working with materials, mud, moss, seeds, moulds, fungi etc - (with variables and uncertainties to them). Growth patterns that reassemble themselves into and onto recycled mech/tech bits, kind of like a sequence of dreamy science experiments, specimens scattered. My on-going work MyCelium Systems explores the network of communications found in the natural world through a symbiotic relationship with fungi. An investigation of autonomous systems and sentient networks found in nature that mirror technological processes and routines =datax[]”

GWENBA is a graduate of Falmouth university and is currently based in Carmarthen. Recent exhibitions include auto:save presents RHIZODOME, digital exhibition, 2021 and auto:save presents, Ancient Futures in Organic Cyberspace (Built & Curated), 2020. ArcadeCampfa, Cardiff, earth:born, 2020 and the Five Years Archway (Instagram) Residency and BLØØD ORANGE - Whimsy Presents: Silver Bells & Cockle Shells at The Space, Bristol, 2019. GWENBA also writes alongside her practice, Feed My Quarantein vol.II digital_zine, 2020, MaesB - Merched Mewn Miwsig Zine 01, 2020 ​Residencies include Tate St Ives, Emerging Artist, 2019, LAWAYAKACURRENT, San Pedro de Atacama, 2019 as well as the digital artist in residence with ArcadeCampfa, 2020. She has recently been invited to produce a music video for Adwaith - ARAF DEG.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
Jerwood UNITe 2021 Open Studios

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