Tessa Waite

Lives and works in Wales

Tessa Waite, <i>Human Flowers</i>
Tessa Waite, Human Flowers

Tessa’s practice incorporates drawing, sculpture and performance. Tessa works in an intuitive way with materials to create her artworks. The works have a contemplative, poetic nature and reflect on the creative process itself.

My work is relational, based on an awareness of and enquiry into our connectedness to each other, our environment and the universe. I am researching the connection between brain and gut, literally and metaphorically. What are our gut instincts and how do they inform us for better or worse? I am interested in the moment - when we decide to choose one course of action or another, one way of thinking or another. I will be linking this to my daily Buddhist practice, documenting its impact on thoughts and actions. Using and honing my own gut instincts I will respond to my findings, making work which could involve writing, drawing, construction and using found objects and possibly sharing these in performative and responsive ways with others.
Tessa has exhibited across the UK and Wales. She has recently completed residencies at Hay on Wye, Hereford College of arts and Landough Hospital, Cardiff.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
UNITe 2019

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