Natasha MacVoy

b. 1977, London

Natasha MacVoy, <i>Tattoo</i>, 2018
Natasha MacVoy, Tattoo, 2018

Natasha MacVoy makes work about the activity of looking and alternative non-visual ways with which bodies perceive. Drawing on personal experiences and observations, her work explores the limits of sight and site. The gap between revealing and concealing offers fertile working conditions as she layers found, heard and personal stories into a physical visual language that withholds as much as it shares. Natasha uses conversation and editing to find an economy of words and materials, making them alternative forms of language and thought. The revisiting, deconstruction and abstraction of her repeated use of materials creates an ongoing dialogue between her works both visually and conceptually.

I access the body’s interior via medical research and consultations; question absence and voids experienced around death, and reconsider care through story-telling.
I am also the mother and primary caregiver to neuro-divergent pre-teen twins who do not attend mainstream education.

Natasha graduated with her BA (Hons) Fine Art from Cardiff in 2001 before moving to the French Alps to work as a freelance sports photographer for five years. She completed a Masters in Fine Art at UWE, Bristol in 2009. Recent exhibitions include Blush, group show at ASC Gallery, London, August 2022; My Kid Could’ve Done That, group show curated by Will Cooper, The Andrew Brownswood Gallery, Bath, 2021; OUTPOST Members Show selected by Catalyst Arts, 2021; Your phone is my gallery, performance over the phone during lockdown, 2020; Groping In The Dark, solo show, Test Space, Spike Island, Bristol, 2019; Death Club, monthly group discussions about death in order to learn how to live and the antidote to small talk coffee mornings, creating a frank openness allowing exchanges on subjects ranging from vulnerability and fear, to ambition and motivation, 2019.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
UNITe 2019
tibrO yalP

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