Hazel Brill

b. 1991, London
Lives and works in London

<i>I Made A Show For You</i>, 2017
I Made A Show For You, 2017

Hazel Brill works across video, animation, sound, sculpture, text and performance. She stages videos in a theatrical way to create ‘shows’ that merge disparate contexts, oscillating between varying degrees of fiction.

“Each project comes from different areas of research, time and experience so ideas behind the works differ but I have a continued interest in the structure of storytelling and how it exists in different contexts. Ideas for my work have been influenced by corporate jobs I (unfortunately) happen to be doing at that time to support my art. The language of finance is infiltrating my writing, I began to think about financial investments being an emotional act, similar to attachment and losses of a romantic relationship. I was thinking about the possible inevitability and shared patterns, for example; the boom and bust structure of my epileptic fits, gains and losses of a caffeine crash - and the predictability of these climatic cycles, peaks and falls. I was thinking about a kind of generational dysfunction, passing down habits, making change difficult. Bringing it back to natural seasonal cycles maybe helps to resist a temptation to externalise pessimism into the work too much.”

Recent exhibitions include: Shonisaurus Popularis, Turf Projects (2018); Woke Up In Spring, Zabludowicz Collection, London (2018); Artagon III, Paris, France (2017); Ident, East Bristol Contemporary (2017); Workplace, Workplace Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne (2017); In Succession, Museum Of London, (2016–17); In Bardo; Act Two, part of BALTIC 39 Fig2, Baltic 39, Newcastle upon Tyne (2014).

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