KATCONA is built on certain fundamental inquiries that contribute to its Manifesto.

- To create a niche for products that will take off from where the artists stop working for their individual practices and start working towards a wider approach, but still retaining the same values applied by the artist in his own creative process.
- This, in ways proposes to exist in two economies. Whether these two streams can co-exist within ones practice per say? One is used to challenge, fracture the other.
- To focus on creating a financial background for artist and creative personals that would not want their individual art practices to be governed by the market economics.
- It also proposes to become a space for practitioners who would like to position themselves at the threshold, wherein the inside and the outside could be
- The works can take the form of an object; yet again bring in the discourse around what becomes the object and what becomes of the art object?
- We are more interested in bringing in ideas of the rejects, of the tests, of finished unfinished projects/products, of the meaningless, of utopia, of proposing new/future archives, of publication, of books, of posters for a purpose of doing nothing.

People participating under KATCONA:

Shreyas karle & Hemali Bhuta
Bhavna Nagrani
Teja Gavankar & Vishal Kadam (Karobhar)
Mihir Wairkar
Manasi Jadhav
Madhav Imartey
Sashikant Thavudoz

The artist was in the following exhibition:
The Rejoinders