Adam Farrugia White

b. 1991
Lives and works in Cardiff

Adam Farrugia White, <i>Untitled (Christopher), 2016</i>
Adam Farrugia White, Untitled (Christopher), 2016

Adam Farruggia White makes autobiographical work using images, artefacts, texts and installations.

'My work is a means of documenting and understanding relationships, and evoking the presence of absence. The artefacts in my work offer a record of a moment when something took place, and also perhaps the associated emotions. My use of language whether in the title or in the work itself provides further insight into the subject and alludes to plural readings of the artefacts.'

Adam graduated from Cardiff School of Art and Design (CSAD) in 2017, and has exhibited as part of Juncture at CSAD, and 79 as part of Made in Roath 2017

The artist was in the following exhibition:

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  • Adam Farrugia White, <i>Untitled (Christopher), 2016</i>