Thomas-Irvine (previously ATOI) is a collaborative duo that formed in 2008 and work in sculpture, photography and choreographed live scenarios and interventions.

They often collaborate with external workforces such as cage fighters (MMA professionals), quarry workers or demolition companies due to their interest in the energy forces and physical outputs they create through their destruction. They create forms that manipulate these ‘charged’ materials and represent the aftermath of these forces, merging politics and poetics together. Thomas-Irvine work on varying scales from large performance installations at Garage Centre Contemporary Art (Moscow) to a recent commission were we created a
Black Diamond by compressing and reconditioning a 300million year old mined pigment, Bideford Black, that was used in the past to camouflage army tanks.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
Thomas-Irvine: Limen Locale