Richard Bowers

b. 1964, Aldershot
Lives and works in Cardiff, Wales

<i>Tricolour: the Passion of Joan of Arc</i>, performance/projections/audio, 2013
Tricolour: the Passion of Joan of Arc, performance/projections/audio, 2013

Richard Bowers’ works integrate video, performance and live audio. Recently these have formed elements of his overarching Velvet Lantern project that explores the materials and conventions of cinema. Richard programmes software tools to realise his works and he regards programming as 'composition' in the sense implied by musicians. He sometimes collaborates with musicians and performers both as co-creators and in order to realise his own works.

Richard’s current work employs strategies in video whereby the work is open ended, randomly and programatically selecting 'shots' and mixing them in real time. He has applied procedural audio where the soundtrack is not 'fixed', but generated afresh and organically with each iteration of a video segment.

Richard graduated from South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education in 1987 with a degree in Fine Art. He has since received training in Max/MSP at IRCAM (Paris, 2009) and Goldsmiths (London, 2009), as well as attending Pure Data Bootcamp at RWCMD (Cardiff, 2009). He has exhibited widely, often in collaboration with other practitioners, including Experimentica 2013, 2012, 2009, 2008 and 2006 (Chapter, Cardiff); Davies Memorial Gallery (Newtown, 2010); and AV08:Broadcast (Newcastle, 2008). His work has been broadcast on radio including Oil (Mixing It, BBC R3, 2006), and Hymn (Resonance FM, 2005). He was commissioned in 2014 by O:4W to produce The Velvet Lantern Part IV: Manuscript – In Slower Motion.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
UNIT(e) 2015

Links :
  • <i>Tricolour: the Passion of Joan of Arc</i>, performance/projections/audio, 2013
  • <i>Manuscript: In Slower Motion</i>, installation, 2014
  • <i>Ceremony</i>, performance/video/audio, 2012.
  • <i>The Velvet Lantern</i>, performance/video/live audio, 2009.