Geraint Evans

b. 1988
Lives and works in Cardiff, Wales

<i>Pigeon Man</i> (2012), acrylic on panel, 8x4ft
Pigeon Man (2012), acrylic on panel, 8x4ft

Geraint Evans’ practice deals with themes such as the sublime within catastrophe, social deprivation and social aesthetic. He features sub-groups of society that live and survive on the fringes in contrast to the clean, ordered and consumerist utopia. Displaying people’s urban survival strategies, Evans prompts the viewer to re-evaluate their own place, lives and context.
Throughout history artists have taken their inspiration from the turmoil of the times, by responding to and depicting their social environment and human experience within it. Evans’ work references this history using contemporary dialogues, taking the form of large-scale drawings and installations.
As well as his exhibiting career, Geraint has acted as curator and exhibition technician. He has led mixed media painting workshops for schools. Geraint graduated from Swansea Metropolitan University in 2009 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
Barnraising & Bunkers

Links :
  • <i>Trolley</i> (2013), pencil on paper, 105x80cm
  • <i>Pigeon Man</i> (2012), acrylic on panel, 8x4ft
  • <i>Crash</i> (2009), Installation
  • <i>The Green, A landscape of First World Problems</i> (2012), pencil on panel, 8x4ft