Alan Goulbourne

b. Perth, Scotland
Lives and works in Cardiff, Wales

Untitled, 13x2.5m
Untitled, 13x2.5m

Alan Goulbourne’s sculptural works utilize sawn wood with which he constructs bold and often physically overwhelming structures. Both representational and abstract, his works are influenced by science and nature and the relationship between them. He often employs a process of order and chaos, starting from a single gesture or mark, rising to a ‘crescendo’ of marks and movements that collectively embody simplicity and complexity, as might a pattern in nature.
Alan graduated with and MFA and a BA honours in 2010 and 2008 respectively, both in Fine Art from Cardiff Metropolitan University (formerly UWIC).

The artist was in the following exhibition:
The John Gingell Award

Links :
  • Untitled, 13x2.5m
  • Simulated Growth, 2010, recycled timber, 19x19x13ft