Jackie Chettur

Lives and works in Everton, Bedfordshire, UK

<i>Winter Garden</i>, 2006
Winter Garden, 2006

Jackie Chettur works across many disciplines, often starting with an archetypal image, object or film, to explore ideas bound up with memory and cultural recognition. She is interested in creating something sincere and emotionally resonant – even though the artwork might be largely based on the second-hand experience of cultural phenomena.

The work thus oscillates between sincerity and escapism, as Chettur takes the messy reality of the here and now and manipulates it to offer us an escape into the freedom that daydreams allow, in an unashamedly nostalgic matinée-reverie of silk and roses or a wildly romantic buccaneering seascape.

Jackie Chettur studied BA Hons Ceramics at Camberwell College of Art and Design, London (1991-94) followed by MA Fine Art at University College Institute, Cardiff (2003-4). Recent exhibitions include Recollect, Wysing Contemporary, Cambridgeshire (2012) 310, G39, Cardiff (2009), All Over The Shop, Pontypridd (2007), Parclife, Penpont, Brecon (2007) and Buffet Show, Pontypridd Railway Station (2006).

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
Jackie Chettur: 310
There Will Be Words
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Show One Of Each 3

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