Ben Young

Lives and works in London, UK

If Magazine, 2007
If Magazine, 2007

The work of Ben Young uses mythic fantasy, science fiction and lo-fi special effects to create ambitious movies, starring his family and friends.

In The Sons of l’Homme Doré, Young has created his own myth. Within an alternative reality, Young constructs an empowered male role, rendering visual the notion of man as strong, adventurous and in charge of his own destiny. Young takes as his starting point a state of male pathological narcissism. Based on narratives of male development, the film is intended as a sequel to a sci-fi story that was originally published in the 1950’s, within which we follow the life of the Golden Man, an über-survivor of an atomic war.

Young studied at the Royal College and Goldsmiths, with recent shows including G39, Cardiff; Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland.

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  • If Magazine, 2007