Matthew Pontin

Lives and works in Cornwall, UK

Distance and Distraction, 2007
Distance and Distraction, 2007

Photographic artist Matthew Pontin’s practice often references contemporary travel, the consequent memories and overlapping representations of ‘actual’ and ‘virtual’ experiences and recorded moments.

Pontin’s work uses the metaphor of travel, of journeying, to explore various discourses of ownership of images, of experience and of imagination. His ‘created’ visual travels are aesthetically rich in that his virtual journeys become only about seeing, about the recording or representation of the place, not about presence of the photographer.

Based in Cornwall, Pontin continues to travel with recent projects documenting women's refuges, online 'hermits' and music festivals.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
Distance Learning
This artist is featured in:
It Was Never Going To Be Straightforward

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