Neil Jeffries

Lives and works in London, UK

Brought up in the Seventies, Neil Jeffries' link with this period can be seen running through his work in two major ways. First, in subject matter, which seems to derive from a theatrical sense of humour sometimes bordering on 'Carry On' style- often slapstick and always very British.

Secondly his method of representation and construction, including use of sheeting, nuts, bolts and washers obviously owes a debt to the kits and models of the day. His sculptures are often extremely intimate scenes of anti-heroic behaviour. These pieces, which often incorporate dolls-house style lighting, positively encourage the viewer to explore the space provided, a process which is all too frequently ignored in the sterile 'keep off the grass' environment of other art.

Jeffries is represented by Flowers East and teaches at the Slade, London.

The artist was in the following exhibition: