Sara Fletcher

b. Aberystwyth
Lives and works in N Somerset, UK

Using audio, video and photography, Sara Fletcher explores magic and logic, religiosity and technology.

Inspired by the belief systems surrounding séances and notions of the supernatural, Fletcher’s work offers a commentary on the ways in which we use technology to try to move beyond our physical senses in a bid to chart what might lie at the edges and outside the limits of our mortal lives. Although the work is tinged with an awareness of vulnerability and loss, a sense of cyclical renewal is central to its impact on the viewer, for whom the projections are perpetually repeated and retained.

Since graduating from the University of Wales in Newport in 2002, Fletcher has featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout England and Wales, and at numerous international festivals in locations as far-flung as Sweden, Brazil, Korea and Australia. She has won awards at the 2002 National Eisteddfod and the 2005 Cardiff Centenary celebrations, as well as a ‘Mad, Bad and Dangerous Future’ award from the BBC Filmmaking Commission.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
Spirit Level
Point of departure
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Show One Of Each 1

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