Richard Dedomenici

Lives and works in London, UK

Fame Asylum, 2007
Fame Asylum, 2007

Richard Dedomenici is a one-man subversive think-tank primarily dedicated to the development and implementation of innovative strategies designed to undermine accepted belief systems and topple existing power structures.

By approaching the limits of conventionally acceptable behaviour, Richard Dedomeniciís poetic acts of low-grade civil disobedience forcibly ask pertinent questions of society, while his subtle anarcho-surrealist interventions create the kind of uncertainty that leads to possibility. Dedomenci attempted a series of increasingly ambitious projects, including an endeavour to turn coal into diamonds for the Wellcome Trust, which failed; seeking to train the guns if HMS Belfast onto his motherís house in Watford, which failed; and trying to design an interface to enable cows to access the internet for the Arnolfini in Bristol, which failed. His experiences inspired the inexplicably popular touring lecture 'Embracing Failure'.

Recent commissions include a residency at a former nuclear airbase, an education project with London teenagers, and a study into the feasibility of building a new tube line funded by the cancellation of the 2012 Olympics.

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