Richard Bevan

b. 1980, Maesteg, Wales
Lives and works in London, UK

Cellotape light (Slade), Polaroid 125i, 2007
Cellotape light (Slade), Polaroid 125i, 2007

Richard Bevan’s work deals with the tension between film as a medium and light as its agent. It sidesteps the nostalgic trappings of film and offers the viewer the chance to experience a lyrical and contemporary aspect of the medium’s processes. His use of film technology is such that it also interrogates photographic traditions.

Moving images on film require a light source at two definite moments: firstly in the capturing of the image onto the film, and secondly in their release onto the screen. Both these moments hold equal significance to Bevan, and he utilises each as a tool to extend or define the work. At times Bevan allows us to witness the tension between film and light virtually disintegrate altogether in carefully controlled experiments, such as ‘Light Leaks attempt 3’ (2007). His work documents small historical events in specific spaces, re-played as a quiet reference to the space at a different time; whether yesterday or a decade before, it is never clear.

Richard Bevan graduated in 2002 with a BA in Fine Art (Printmaking) from University of Wales Institute, Cardiff and in 2008 gained a MA in Fine Art (Media) from the Slade School of Fine Art. He exhibits widely both in the UK and internationally and is included in the ROOM Collaborators portfolio following a solo show there in 2008. He is Co-founder of thedaybeforethedayafter and will be exhibiting in Setting the Scene, Gallery Bafa Foto, Geneva 2009 and both Giatrakou 28, The Neutrality of this Section is Disputed, Athens 2009 and at Furnished London in June 2009.

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