Paul R Jones

Lives and works in Gresford, Wales

<b>Paul R Jones</b>, <i>Walchen</i>, 2010
Paul R Jones, Walchen, 2010

Paul R Jones’ work includes techniques such as performance, mapping, navigation, photography and text. Migrating across disciplines he is interested in the concept of the artist as researcher, someone who conducts fieldwork - exploring place as experience, place a site of memory and the nomadic. Borders have been prevalent throughout his practice, in terms of geography, language, and the swiftness at which one can switch from being a citizen to being a foreigner.

The work could be considered as site orientated and context specific. It deals with site specificity through a process of intervention, attempting to address the complex site of the historical and social. The examination of boundary regions between England and Wales has been a useful vehicle with which to explore these concepts. Boundary, border, frontier, demarcation line, buffer zone, act as sites in which the concepts of the social and the political can be at their most volatile. A site that Miwon Kwon describes predominately as a “…Intertextually co-ordinated, multiply-located, discursive field of operation”

Paul has also exhibited widely in the UK and internationally. Recent group exhibitions include The Man Don’t Give a F***, Motorcade Flash Parade, Bristol, 2012, FILMIDEO 2012, Index Art Center, New York, 2012 and Flat Out, AC Institute, New York, 2012. In 2011 Paul was awarded at the Metropolis Awards, MADATAC Spain for his performance Leap of Faith.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp
UNIT(e) 2014

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