Nick Evans

b. 1976, Mufulira, Zambia
Lives and works in Glasgow, UK

As part of the exhibition Under Construction, Nick Evans’ work entitled Poultry Club takes on a particular view of nature through model making, a practice that somehow lets us take a step away from reality, but which also asks us to imagine in the same way that an architect's model visualises what will be.

The Airfix-like hobby models of a cockfight taken from a neo-classical painting have an undercurrent of something far less wholesome than leisure pastimes. His interest is with the breeders of animals, the pigeon fanciers of the world; the way people interact with animals, whether domestic or otherwise. There is a care for the welfare of the animals, breeding out weaker strains in order to achieve the best, whether its to get the sleekest dog at Crufts or to hone down the supreme killing machine for betting. Dealing with animals / progress and leisure, his work takes a look at the darker side of human nature, raising questions about how we view the rural, and of human control over the environment.

Nick's practice deals with issues of landscape and the relationship between nature and progress. Making architect’s models allows both him and the viewer the opportunity to step back from the real and re-examine issues of domestication and development of the environment. In doing so Evans questions the polarity of thought between urban and rural landscape.

Since exhibiting at g39 he has completed a residency at Tate St. Ives, he has most recently exhibited at Sorcha Dallas Contemporary Art, Glasgow.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
Under Construction